Yes, Virginia
Yes, Virginia
Genre Animation
Main cast Neil Patrick Harris
Bea Miller
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Alfred Molina
Michael Buscemi
Kieran Patrick Campbell
Nicholas Sireci
Andrew Cherry
Taylor Hay
Julian Franco
Andrea Kessler
Chuck Nice
Robb Pruitt
Country of origin United States
Executive producer Dexton Deboree
Mick Ebeling
Joe Feczko
Robin Feldman
Chet Fenster
Harvey Marco
Ty Montague
Peter Tortorici
Producers Kallan Kagan
Kate Schwerin
Original run December 11, 2009

Yes, Virginia is a Christmas television special that first aired in 2009. It was based on a famous 1897 editorial in The (New York) Sun and featured the voice talents of Bea Miller as Virginia and Neil Patrick Harris as her father.