Hens and Chicks
Hens and chicks
Genre Short
Main cast Bea Miller
Sarah Hankins
Diego Torrado
Amy Driesler
Country of origin United States
Producers Becky Lane
Original run 15 min

Hens and Chicks is a 2010 short film written and directed by Becky Lane, about a young girl named Hanna (portrayed by Bea Miller) who is raised by two mothers.


Raised by her two moms, Young Hanna has always known there are all types of families. But she's never thought about the logistics of it all until her friend Marco explains the process of creating chicks from eggs. Soon after, an educational trip through cyberspace has Hanna asking, 'Who's MY rooster?'


Bea Miller ... Hanna
Sarah Hankins ... Sarah
Diego Torrado ... Marco
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Amy Driesler ... Mins